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Tennessee Home Education Association

The Tennessee Home Education Association was formed in 1984 for the purpose of preserving and defending the rights of parents to direct the education of their children and to provide a statewide network of support, encouragement, and assistance to home schooling families. THEA accomplishes these goals through a unified, organized network of volunteer home schooling parents and others supportive of parental rights. By dividing the state into seven geographical areas to establish chapters and having THEA members elect Area Coordinators/Board Members, we have developed a unified, representative state voice while building strong support for homeschoolers at the local chapter level. Over thirty newsletters are produced and sent out locally. Hundreds of support groups serve Tennessee families.

THEA monitors the Tennessee legislative and judicial arenas, and alerts members to crucial events affecting the freedom of home education. We also write and find sponsors for legislation favorable to home schooling, and coordinate an annual homeschoolers Capitol Hill Rally and Legislative Reception Day with food, curriculum displays, and projects provided by homeschoolers from around the state.

Events are held annually by the chapters, to encourage and inform homeschoolers.  These events insure that home educators are kept abreast of the latest books and resources available. Workshops are held to further inform parents on educational techniques and curriculum application. Graduation and Ceremonies, Teachers Workshops, Science Fairs, Field Days, and Field Trips are a few of the other services provided by our chapters. In addition, most of the local areas are further subdivided into numerous Support Groups led by veteran homeschoolers. These support group leaders coordinate activities and are available to answer questions, offer advice, and encourage the homeschoolers in their groups. Also our chapters each publish a newsletter or Facebook page to keep homeschoolers apprised of the events in their locale.

THEA is a Christian led home education support organization with membership open to all. THEA membership is a dual membership with the THEA chapter serving your area of the state:

THEA Membership Benefits

  • Monitors state legislation in order to protect home education freedom
  • Representation at senate and house education committee meetings
  • Sponsors annual Capitol Hill Rally Day
  • Assists Christian Communicators Of TN (CCT) in development of speech and debate clubs
  • Partners with national home education organizations HSLDA, Parental Rights, and Generation Joshua
  • State resource for government officials, media representatives and education agencies
  • Homeschool alumni association

Regional Chapter Benefits

  • Provides curriculum assistance to help you get started
  • Sponsors spelling and geography bees, science and academic fairs
  • Organizes and hosts banquet and graduation ceremony honoring seniors and parents
  • Sponsors regional activities (speakers, workshops, sports teams, etc.)
  • Leadership training and mentoring for support group leaders
  • Support and mentoring for umbrella schools
  • Regional home education handbooks and annuals
  • Regional communication through Facebook, web sites, newsletters and email lists
  • Regional resource for government officials, media representatives, and local education agencies
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Home education should be supported as close as possible to Dad, Mom and children around their kitchen table. Therefore THEA and it's Chapters focus support, services, activities, and resources at the appropriate organizational level to keep them as close to the local support group and your family as possible!


See full list of THEA Membership Benefits here.


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