Sara Lee Harris Winners for 2024!

Sara Lee Harris Apologetics Speech Contest Winners Awarded $1,000 in Prizes

Senior Varsity

1st Place  Zoe Aviles
2nd Place  Claire Weatherford
3rd Place  Alison Huntington

Junior Varsity 

1st Place  Webster Shetler
2nd Place  Ezriah Estrada
3rd Place  Oliver Parker

The judges make the Sara Lee Harris Apologetics Competition work, their commitment, their investment of time, and their integrity in comparing today’s and eternal standards to the presentations set before them. All names are removed before the judges see them. Each of the judges agrees to review all the speeches, rank them in order, and turn in their decisions ranking them in order.  The results are tabulated.

The first place winners in the Junior and the Senior division will present their speech as part of the Rally Day program.  Today one of the students emailed to see if they needed to memorize their speech. Particularly touching was his disclosure that in preparing this speech he had grown to better know how to defend his faith. If we are stronger in knowing and doing the truth, if our faith is stronger because we dig into the questions posed by the Sara Lee Harris Apologetics Competition, the goal is accomplished.

There has been no warrior of the faith more determined to follow the truth of God than Sara Lee Roberts Harris. I‚Äôve seen students from her Bible studies delighted with the encouragement they have received from her. I‚Äôve heard of workers in Kroger‚Äôs or the beauty shop coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ because of her bold testimony and the constant flow of tracts she got from Logos Bookstore. I‚Äôve seen the prayer lists she used daily in her early morning times of ‚Äúretreating to the throne room of God‚ÄĚ on behalf of people that she knew loved and cared for the same wonderful Almighty God she also served. Praying for over 200 people daily seems a little obsessive compulsive, but that was just Mom. We all called her ‚ÄúMom‚ÄĚ. She was quite a lady and she was a lot of fun, too. This competition is about a remarkable lady who was quite an effective apologist with friend, family, and whoever she ran into in the grocery line or anywhere else.

Be strong in the Lord and in the glory of His might.


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