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Homeschool Missions

Some homeschoolers are called to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to every part of the world. They become missionaries. We know a few of them and are happy to provide you some information about them.

Mexico Missions – Mike and Pam Richardson moved their family to the hill country of Mexico a couple of decades ago to minister there.  Now their ministry includes home school conferences.

HS Missions in TN– Directed by NETHEA’s Russ Rogers, provides an opportunity to experience God while working alongside other homeschoolers meeting the needs of people.

Dominican Republic Missions – Headed up by Dr. Gene Antonio. He, Rebecca and his family of 8 serve in the Dominican Republic. He is an excellent, passionate communicator and fearless presenter of the gospel in any situation.  He is presenting the gospel in public schools and needs our prayers and support.


Homeschool Affiliates

THEA affiliates with other organizations and is aware of yet other organizations that offer services, products, and information that can benefit you and your family.

 Tennessee Eagle Forum – Analyzing bills in TN’s legislature, communicating clearly with lawmakers and their constituents, advocating for freedom and for truth in government, pressing for wisdom’s application in the public arena.

Family Action Council of Tennessee – David Fowler brings a family perspective to Tennessee political life

Home School Legal Defense Association – Legal protection for home schooling families, beginning with the  knock on your door, all the way to the Supreme Court, whether in your state or in Washington – Committed to passing a parental rights amendment to the U.S. constitution in order to stop international treaties and activist courts from eroding our parental rights.

Great American Homeschool Conferences – Sponsored by the National Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership, features more than 40 conferences and curriculum fairs across the U.S.

National Black Home Educators – Founded by Eric and Joyce Burges, (NBHE) is a nationwide organization dedicated to mentoring parents and training youth. We believe that today’s black families can prepare tomorrow’s exceptional leaders through home education.

Museum: Answers in Genesis Ken Hamm – Upholding the authority of the Bible from the first verse

Financial Services for home school groups – IRS & Department of Revenue define how groups must be organized and collect taxes and your group may need help in following the law. Contact Michael E. Yates, President HSFSA

The Home School Foundation – Helps widows who want to continue home schooling and was founded to help home schooling families and groups with gifts and grants.



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