Have to, Don't Want to

Home schooling is hard work.  To feel forced into homeschooling must feel horrible. 

At the same time you don't want your child to be sick.  Public health officials and school leaders are trying to formulate a plan to minimize schools becoming a disease passing place. 

Still your life has been changed and you'll want to answer some questions, like:

  1. When my child's school opens back up, will the school work they've done at home be accepted, so they receive credit? 
  2. Where can I find curriculum that's right for my child? 
  3. How can I schedule my work and have a good schedule for my child's training? 
  4. Sports is a vital part of our family's plan, so how will we be able to stay in shape and keep developing skills? 
  5. What is the most effective way for your child to learn - visual, auditory, or kinesthetic, ie hands on.  Design and plan your classroom training based on your child's preferred mode of learning.