SECURITY” The Capitol Hill security team requires each person to go through screening.  Access into the Capitol Hill Legislative Office Buildings is controlled by the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Working with THEA in planning Rally Day, the THP is willing to have a scanner at the Courtyard entrance to the War Memorial Auditorium for our members.  We are thankful that the security measures are not as cumbersome as in the recent past.

THEA will hire one or two THP Officers to be in charge of screening each of us, so we’ll have an expedited entry into the War Memorial Auditorium building.

If you need an alternate way to get into the secured facility, there are three ways to enter the secured complex of areas for the Legislative Plaza and Capitol Hill Office Complex.  Tunnels connect the arms of the complex of areas. If you want or need to go in through one of the THP three stations, that is perfectly acceptable.  One is located near the corner of 6th Avenue and Union Street, one is on Charlotte Avenue at the entrance to the Tunnel to the Capitol between 6th and 7th Avenue, and one is on the west side of the Governor’s Office, the State of Tennessee Capitol Building.

Security screening for access to the Legislator’s office complex began after 9/11/2001.