SECURITY” The Capitol Hill security team requires each person to go through metal detector screening similar to the airport.  Access into the Capitol Hill Legislative Office Buildings is controlled by the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

The primary entrance to the Tennessee House of Representatives chamber is from Charlotte Avenue between 6th and 7th Avenues, immediately across from the Legislative Plaza (former legislator’s offices).  Passing through security you will be in the tunnel.  Walk to the end of the tunnel and there are two elevators.  In the State Capitol building the House Chamber is on level 2.

As an alternate there is a secure entrance to the State Capitol on the west or 7th Avenue side of the building.  Walk up the steps and go around the Capitol building to the left side.  This entrance is just below the construction.

The primary entrance into the Cordell Hull building with legislative offices is from the 425 5th Avenue North, 37243 entrance.  In the Cordell Hull Legislator’s offices there is a tunnel to the State Capitol from level G.  THP has a security check station half way to the State Capitol.