Sara Lee Harris



MARCH 26, 2014


First Place Miranda Hall

Second Place Asa Rentschler

Third Place Camille Floyd


First Place Michael Tant

Second Place Hannah Hubin

Third Place Charlotte Myhre

This special oratorical contest for Tennessee Home Education Association (THEA) members, sponsored by THEA,, and Christian Communicators of Tennessee, CCT,, is named for a home school Grandmother, now in heaven, who was passionate about her faith, loved to study God’s Word and to share her Christian faith. Her family contributed the prize money which will be awarded to the first, second and third place winners in both the Senior Division and Junior Division on RallyDay.

As in past years the two divisions, Senior Varsity and Junior Varsity, will participate in Oratory Contests with different rules and guidelines specific to each group. Junior Varsity division students contest is entitled an Apologetics Worldview Speech and the Senior Varsity division contest is entitled a Platform Apologetics Speech Competition. The rules and guidelines are appropriate to each age group. The first place, second & third place winners are awarded a cash prize and the first place winners of each division also earn the privilege of presenting their Speech on the platform in the War Memorial Auditorium on Rally Day.

The Senior Division is for students age 13-19.

The Junior Division is for students, ages 8-12.

The Junior Division Contest is a Worldview Apologetics Speech Competition. To compete in this Contest, Junior Division students will prepare a 3-minute maximum speech. It can be a scaled down version of their 5-minute Worldview Apologetics Speech prepared for the Tournaments, as the choice of questions are exactly the same.

Read more about the Worldview Apologetics Speech event HERE. The Worldview Apologetics Speech Competition deals with issues of faith. The goal of this Speech is to motivate students to study their Christian faith and be prepared to articulate a defense of what they believe. Junior Division students prepare a 3-minute maximum speech on one of the chosen topics.

To compete in this Contest, Senior Division students will prepare an 8-minute maximum Platform Apologetics Speech. Learn more about the Platform Apologetics Speech from the Ballots and the Judge’s Worksheet on the CCT web site. Instructions to locate these are below.

Like the Junior Division, the questions for the Senior Division Platform Apologetics Speech are the same ones used for the tournaments. As the choice of questions is exactly the same, this Sara Lee Harris Platform Apologetics Speech is also a scaled down version of the 10 minute Platform Apologetics Speech for tournaments. So it is an 8-minute version of the 10-minute Speech prepared for tournament competition.

The Awards schedule for the Sara Lee Harris Worldview Oratory Contest is:

Senior Division:

1st place-$500

2nd place-$200

3rd place-$125

Junior Division:

1st place-$100

2nd place-$50

3rd place-$25

The criteria judges will use in evaluating both the Junior and Senior Division Sara Lee Harris Apologetics Speeches include an analysis of the content of the Speech.

Questions about your speech content include:

• Did the student adhere to the topic?

• Did the student support assertions with outside evidence?

• Did the student properly cite sources?

• Most importantly, did the student provide a biblical basis for their position?

The judges will also evaluate the Apologetics speeches by whether their defense is logical and well-reasoned. This is not primarily a devotional speech, but a well-reasoned, logical defense of a Biblical position.

Organization and Analysis evaluation includes these criteria:

• Did the student relate a clear thesis statement?

• Did the student demonstrate a thorough, working knowledge of their topic, of Scripture and other sources?

• Did the student appropriately use analysis and reasoning, presenting a logical, well-reasoned flow of ideas?

Note: Failure to address the topic is, of course, a major flaw in the Sara Lee Harris Worldview Oratory Contest and can result in disqualification of the Speech.

More specific details on the judging criteria can be found by looking over the CCT Ballots & Judge’s Worksheets for the SV Platform Apologetics and the JV Worldview Apologetics Speech and the on the CCT web site:

For Senior Varsity Platform Apologetics Ballot & Judge’s Worksheet, follow these instructions:

• At the top of the CCT HOME page, click on Speech/Debate Events

• Scroll down to Senior Varsity Speech

• On the SV Speech page, scroll down to PLATFORM events

• In the right column, click on the PA Ballot and the PA Judge’s Worksheet to read about the specific judging criteria for this event

• Don’t forget that this SLH speech is ONLY 8 minutes in length, NOT 10 minutes!

For Junior Varsity Worldview Apologetics Ballot & Judge’s Worksheet, follow these instructions:

• At the top of the CCT HOME page, click on Speech/Debate Events

• Scroll down to Junior Varsity Speech.

• On the JV Speech page, scroll down to the WORLDVIEW APOLOGETICS Speech.

• The first speech on the left is the Worldview Apologetics, click on the JVWA Ballot and the JVWA Judge’s Worksheet to read about the specific judging criteria for this event.

• Don’t forget that this SLH speech is ONLY 3 minutes in length, NOT 5 minutes!

NOTE: Judging criteria on our ballots regarding vocal and physical delivery will obviously not be used for either the JV or the SV SLH speeches.