Rally Day!

SAVE TIME: Registration & Pre-printed Names Tags

THEA & the Tennessee Highway Patrol, the Capitol Hill security, request that you pre-register for Rally Day to receive a pre-printed THP issued name tag. Access into the Capitol Hill Legislative Office Buildings is controlled by the Tennessee Highway Patrol. They require all adults entering this complex to wear a THP-issued name tag. Working with THEA in planning Rally Day, the THP is willing to have pre-printed name tags for adults who pre-register. They want all children to have THEA name badges. In order for adults to have a THP-issued name tag and your children to have a THEA name badge, you must register below in the right hand column listing everyone in your family who is attending. Once you enter your names you will be sent an email asking you to confirm your interest by clicking a link in the email. This is a built-in security feature to protect your interests. This step will complete your registration for Rally Day.

The THP & THEA name tags will confirm that you and your family are with the THEA Rally Day and will expedite your entrance into the secured areas of the Legislative offices and Capitol Hill complex so you can come and go at will.

We are grateful that the THP will work with us in this way and strongly encourage you to pre-register so your name tag is waiting for you at the THEA tables in the War Memorial Auditorium foyer.

Please complete the form below so the THP & THEA can have your name badges waiting for you and your children when you arrive. Thank you!

If you do not pre-register here but wish to attend Rally Day, you will still need to have a THP-issued name tag. You can receive these at two different entrances into the Legislative Plaza/Capitol Hill Complex. There is a THP monitored entrance at the corner of 6th and Union into the Legislative Plaza. The other THP station is the Tunnel entrance into the Capitol Building mid-way between 6th & 7th Avenues at street level on Charlotte Avenue at the base of the Capitol Building.  

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