Rally Day

Registration, Lunch, and

Legislative Plaza Security


Security and THP Name Tags

This year security to enter the State of Tennessee Government office complex is more restrictive than in previous years. It changes our Rally Day event. No one is to enter that office complex without a name tag given to you by the TN Highway Patrol. THP will not recognize the THEA name tag as adequate for entrance to the secured office complex.

Who needs to enter the Office Complex? Do you want to go to your legislator’s office, pass out cookies, compete in, observe, or judge the Student Congress event, set up a display in the hallway, serve lunch to our legislators, perform as part of the legislator’s luncheon, go see a House or Senate committee meeting or tour the Capitol? You must have a name tag given to you by the THP.

As in past years THP will have an officer stationed near the elevator in the area between the War Memorial Auditorium and the entrance to the THEA Legislator’s Luncheon at the top of the escalators. It is possible to go from the WMA to the restrooms at the foot of the steps, but entrance into the legislator’s luncheon or their Office Complex will require a THP name tag.

This year THP is making available to us a new way to get the THP name tag. They are assigning two officers to the lobby of the War Memorial Auditorium. THEA will have the first ever dedicated THP inspection station at the office complex.

Those officers will set up their security station so that they will be ready to begin their inspections at 8:00 AM on Tuesday April 14, 2015. They will remain in the area until about 12:30 PM. The closing time is a little flexible.

Pre-Register to Expedite Security Clearance

Pre-registering for Rally Day by clicking here will help you to more quickly get through the security screening process. THP will prepare pre printed name tags for those who pre register and have them for you in alphabetical order at the WMA security checkpoint. Once you are scanned your name tags should be ready. This includes you, your children and any children in your care for the day.

Please be advised. This is a multi person process. Every time something passes from one hand to another there is a chance that something will be missed or dropped. If this does not work as I am now describing, please be patient. Situations change. Security needs must always be flexible. Please be flexible, too.

Homeschooler’s Lunch in the WMA Courtyard

When you pre register, you will be given the opportunity to purchase lunch for $7 per person. Lunch will come from Whitt’s Bar-B-Que with a choice of pork or smoked turkey, including the fixings, cookies and bottled water.

Registrations are growing quickly. We have a bus load coming from Athens and people coming from all over the state.

Home school families want their legislators to know that we value our family’s educational freedom.



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