Rally Day

Celebrating Home Education!
Tuesday, April 8, 2014
You don’t want to miss it!

Prelude Music begins at 8:45 am on April 8, 2014

THEA & the Tennessee Highway Patrol, the Capitol Hill security, request that you pre-register for Rally Day to receive a pre-printed THP issued name tag. Access into the Capitol Hill Legislative Office Buildings is controlled by the Tennessee Highway Patrol. They require all adults entering this complex to wear a THP-issued name tag. Working with THEA in planning Rally Day, the THP is willing to have pre-printed name tags for adults who pre-register. They want all children to have THEA name badges. In order for adults to have a THP-issued name tag and your children to have a THEA name badge, complete the form below in the right column so the THP & THEA can have your name badges waiting for you and your children when you arrive. Thank you! 
Q: What is Rally Day?

A: Homeschooling families taking the good report about home education to their elected officials.

Plan to join us and Rally to celebrate homeschooling, communicating to our lawmakers that their continued protection of parental rights and religious liberty is foundational to our life style and educational choice, one which we want to protect for generations to come!

We are not only celebrating, but we are also promoting and protecting, home education as we Rally together at our state Capitol, bringing the good report of homeschooling to our lawmakers. We encourage you to make this a very memorable family or support group field trip to our Capitol joining with multiple hundreds of your fellow home educators!

Together we bring a strong message to those who make our laws that homeschooling is thriving in Tennessee, the rights of parents must be protected and guaranteed by our state laws and we want our lawmakers to represent us faithfully!! We look forward to together giving thanks to God as we celebrate home education with you and your family on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, April 8th!!

What To Do

1. Call your Senator and Representative and get an appointment to talk with them on Tuesday April 8, 2014.

2. Come to the program 8:45 AM until about 11:00 AM.

3. Cookies will be prepared for you to take to the legislator’s staff and the staff cannot wait to get their cookies. Delivery begins when the program is over.

5. Also in the afternoon Christian Communicators of Tennessee will host a Student Congress Tournament in the chambers of the Tennessee House of Representatives on Capitol Hill.

6. Prepare an exhibit to be displayed in the hallway of the Legislative Plaza showing what your homeschool is doing. If you have an exhibit you’d like to display, please contact your THEA Area Coordinator.

Program Overview

This year we will Celebrate Home Education as we celebrate our special guests Uwe and Hannlore Romeike as we hear from them and one of their attorneys Peter Kamakavivole and  honor our Outstanding Students. As you can tell, lots take place during the Rally! As many as 100 or more people will be on and off the stage. Home school musical groups will thrill us with their amazing talent and beautiful music!  Outstanding Students, two from each of the eight THEA chapters, will be congratulated. Special student speakers will include the Junior Varsity and Senior Varsity first place winners of the Sara Lee Harris Apologetics Worldview Speech Contest (see more about this at www.cctennessee.org).

Meet Your Legislators

One of the most important parts of our Rally Day is you, Tennessee home school families, support groups, Trail Life, sports teams, Speech & Debate Clubs, again and especially, family groups, setting meetings with your state Senator and state Representative. Please do this! Call now and make a 10-15 minute appointment with your two lawmakers. See below guidelines on how to reach them. The best times to schedule your meeting will be after the Rally ends, between 11:30 and 4:30 p.m. or, if you can arrange this, prior to the Rally, before 8:45 a.m.

Remember these are your representatives in a republican, representative form of government, dependent on your vote to hold office and therefore accountable to you. When you meet face-to-face with your legislators you are putting a face on homeschooling for them, so that when they vote on legislation which will impact us, they will think of you and your family! This is a crucial part, perhaps the MOST important part, of our Day on Capitol Hill!! So we very much encourage homeschooling Dads and Moms to bring your children and set a visit your legislators, represent Tennessee home educators and count this as a civics lesson for your children!

Call your legislator’s offices and let their receptionist know that you wish to meet them as you’ll be on Capitol Hill for Rally Day. Also plan to bring them a letter from your children, thanking them for their service to our state. Take your camera and have a picture made with them. Ask them for an autographed copy of “The Tennessee Blue Book” which is a great resource of Tennessee history! Some families stop in many legislators’ offices and ask them to sign their “Blue Book”. To “Find Your Legislator” use your home address and go to the lower right side of this link, or call 615 -741-3011, the Legislative Information number.

One more thing…we continue to hear from the legislator’s and their staff that they love Rally Day, they love seeing family groups in their hallways and offices, that there is no other day on Capitol Hill like Rally Day!! AND that is because of you!! Plan to be there with your family!!

Cookie Delivery - FREE

Plan to stop at the tables in the lower level of the legislative Plaza before you make your visit and take the bag of Cookies to the staff along with the Program Booklet for your lawmakers. The West Tennessee Home Education Association, WTHEA, has for over a decade prepared 180 dozen cookies and sweet treats in our signature red, white & blue gift bags for the staff in our legislator’s offices. WE NEED YOU to take these with you to the offices of your legislators.as a gift to their staff when you visit. Pick them up at the COOKIE tables on the first floor level of the Legislative Plaza (the lowest level within their office complex) before you go to your appointments. Even if you do not make an appointment with your legislators you can deliver cookies—its fun—the staff watches for our cookie bags on Rally Day! Help with this effort between 11:30 and 3:00 on Rally Day!

Display Tables

Like almost all groups which lobby our state lawmakers, we reserve the hallway space along the walls in the busy, busy Legislative Plaza (the lowest level within their office complex where all their Committee Rooms are located) for you to bring tri-fold displays of your students’ science & other special projects, art work, sports teams, Speech & Debate activities, Mock Trial trophies, 4-H exhibits, Scout troops and your support group activities. All of these give a visual presentation to our lawmakers of the vibrancy and accomplishments and SOCIALIZATION of home educators — they bring the good report of home education!

To reserve the space for your display you need to contact Tuesday March 25, 2014 to let the display coordinator Pam Archer know of your display so that we have adequate table space. For the space requirements, we ask you to bring either 3’ or 6’ displays. Be sure to let the coordinator know the footprint of your display. The display tables are set up in the Legislative Plaza in the afternoon on Monday the day before Rally Day and taken down by mid-afternoon on Rally Day. Contact the Display Coordinator by Monday at 9:00 PM two weeks before Rally Day, if you wish to have space on a display table. Please email davidandpam.archer@comcast.net with Rally Day Display in the Subject or call 615.826.9827 or 615.516.6157.

Legislative Luncheon

We now serve a luncheon to all the legislators and their staff in the mezzanine, the large hallway between the WMA, the WMB & the LP, a high traffic area for our lawmakers. A homeschool group of parents and teens represent us as they serve our guests. The teens are an award-winning choral group and have named themselves The Singing Servers, as they will step back from the Reception tables to serenade the lawmakers with their amazing harmonies and well-trained voices! When they are not singing and back to serving, other homeschooled musicians, beautiful harpists and highly trained string ensembles, Flute and Wind ensembles, and others, perform for our lawmakers, filling their hallways with the most beautiful music!

Student Congress

From 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m., Christian Communicators of Tennessee, or CCT, will be holding the Final Round of its Davy Crockett Student Congress Tournament in the beautiful, historic Chamber of our House of Representatives, the largest space within the State Capitol. This Tournament is always scheduled in conjunction with Rally Day. So plan to come and observe, in the comfortable gallery on either side of this magnificent Chamber, our home educated speech & debate students as they address their fellow student Representatives in support or opposition to the bills and resolutions they have written. Learn more.


Here is a link to the “Park It!” web site indicating all the parking garages and lots in downtown Nashville: Parking. Good garage lots are the Library Garage, (151 6th Ave N, connected to the Nashville Public Library) and the McKendree Center Garage, (140 6th Ave N), though there are many garages and lots available. Open the link and consider copying, pasting, printing the map and bringing it with you.