Rally Day is Coming

In 36 days we’ll be celebrating Rally Day.

Home school families from all across the State will come to Nashville on a Tuesday, when the Legislature is in session.

We say thank you for the freedom we have to teach and train the children God has entrusted to us.

We ask them to protect the freedoms we have and that the refugee German Romeike family is enjoying in Tennessee.  Today the US Supreme Court refused to hear their case.

We ask for a level playing field for entering college, for access to scholarships, for competing in sports, for freedom  to have parents controlling, through permission granted to children under their care, access to streets and libraries, etc.

Freedom in education is a fundamental right for Americans to enjoy.

The free market place of business should also apply to the free market in education.

Rally Day is the one day a  year dedicated to helping preserve the freedom to home school.