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Rally Day – April 14, 2015

Plan to join us and Rally to celebrate homeschooling, communicating to our lawmakers that their continued protection of parental rights and religious liberty is foundational to our life style and educational choice, one which we want to protect for generations to come!

We are not only celebrating, but we are also promoting and protecting, home education as we Rally together at our state Capitol, bringing the good report of homeschooling to our lawmakers. We encourage you to make this a very memorable family or support group field trip to our Capitol joining with multiple hundreds of your fellow home educators!

Together we bring a strong message to those who make our laws that homeschooling is thriving in Tennessee, the rights of parents must be protected and guaranteed by our state laws and we want our lawmakers to represent us faithfully!! We look forward to together giving thanks to God as we celebrate home education with you and your family on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, April 14th!


Register by completing this simple form. We will be in touch with further details, and please feel free to contact us with any questions.