How do you run your family?

How do you measure how your family is doing?

Do you want to see more clearly how to run our families better?   May God’s peace rest on you and on your home.

In my family I want a culture of love and respect from and to each person.  I want to cultivate a culture of learning, of curiosity, of exploration, of responsibility, of mercy, of peace and of joy.

I want to have clear rules that we can all live with and better know how to live, work, and love together.

Each of our families is a government. It is the smallest government, but it is not simple.

Each family has rules and responsibilities.

Individuals make up your family and you have a direct relationship with each member of your family.  Everyone is complex.

Life in your family has unique characteristics.  Every family is different.  Every individual is different.

Let’s explore how to make our families stronger and how to launch children turned adults into our culture carrying truth, joy, peace, and love in their hearts ready to face what they will encounter in the culture before them.

May each of our children be skilled in making a family that is stronger and better than their birth family.